Preserve Texas Freedom Pledge

    As Americans and Texans, we cherish the freedom to peacefully express and live by our religious, philosophical, and political beliefs—not merely to hold them privately.

    We affirm our right to maintain business policies consistent with our beliefs without fear of lawsuits, government encroachment, or any other reprisal.

    We oppose efforts to add sexual orientation and gender identity as protected classifications in the law—either legislatively or through judicial or executive action.  Such proposals are unnecessary and violate basic freedoms of religion, conscience, speech, association, and privacy.

    We stand with a vast majority of Texans who believe businesses and schools should be able to enact policies to assure the safety and privacy of women and children.

    We believe businesses thrive where free enterprise, economic, and religious freedoms exist hand-in-hand to create workplaces and communities hospitable to all.  We will not fall prey to those who falsely claim that states need sexual orientation and gender identity laws to maintain strong economic growth.

    We believe religious and economic freedom are the cornerstones of a free society.  Innovation and growth occur only in a free society where laws provide safeguards to help citizens live in harmony and prosperity, not where laws threaten or even punish citizens and businesses for upholding fundamental values.

    We are Texans, and we will not be bullied or intimidated by threats of economic reprisal for our beliefs.

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    Pledge to the Preserve Texas Freedom


    By filling out the form below, you are standing with every Texan who knows that when religious freedom is compromised for any of us, it is compromised for all of us.  Thanks for standing with us.